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Facebook wants to you to keep it crisp and tight. At least that’s the latest rumors to be found at http://www.allfacebook.com/90-characters-2012-02, where it states that the folks at FB wants to keep ads to a 90-character limit. Shorter ads, more ads per page. More ads per page, more revenue streams.

Makes sense but opens up a can of worms for those still struggling to make do with the paltry 135 characters currently available. <- that by the way was 130 characters.

Creativity is the word of the day. Messaging with less elocution. The trend for language throughout the world of the web continues the downward spiral; from 175 characters ads in sponsored advertising (like Google AdWords), to 140 for Tweets, and now this current predicted truncation on Facebook.

Not that this is all too new – those familiar with high-cost real estate or sex partner advertising in newspapers are long familiar with the creative process of abbreviated messaging. Care for a 2/1/1 DA ez comm 825sf bsf only? But with those shortened code messages comes the requirement of a user community familiar with the acronyms and abbrs. Desperately hunting for apartments force-teaches many to become experts in the linguistics of the newspaper ads, just as years of playing around with text messaging has both created and force-taught millions how to lol at the mztks of novice texters 🙂

The question is, how fast will a new language take to form that will fit comfortably into the confines of Facebook advertising, and how valuable will it be to users to teach themselves how to navigate the language? Only time will tell.

Ltz hop it dznt kll lang al2gthr!

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