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Can’t we all just get along? Hey, if Rodney King could get past what happened to him isn’t it time Apple got past isolationism?

With the current wave of tax news about how Apple is “protecting” taxable income through a variety of tax dodges, to the tune of $30 billion or more, you would think they could finally end the divisions of mobile devices.

There are a lot of talented programmers out there creating a ton of mobile apps at really need to be workable on my iPad, and even more iPhone apps being developed that should be compatible on Android devices. And wouldn’t it be great to actually see ALL YouTube videos active on all devices?

It might actually cost one of those billions to make it happen – I am not hardware oriented so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. Even so, I will bet that if Apple execs appeared before Congress and asked for extended tax relief if they solved this problem, they would get to hide another $20 billion or so in new dodges.

Just saying.


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This week it is Irene, but the name is not important. What matters is how totally tied to the Internet we all become in a time of impending (or at least potentially impending) disaster. If there is anyone out there who still does not believe in the Internet as the future of all communication, let them try to keep up with this storm or any other by conventional means.

Read the newspaper and you will always be at least 12 hours behind the storm track, which could mean you have to try to retrieve your paper in the middle of that very storm just to read about it. A magazine? Please! How about TV or radio? Well, at least there you’ll get some near real-time information, but only if it is between commercials and during the news hour.

The fact is that storm tracking is only the most obvious indicator of the Internet’s importance this week and down here in Florida. The smart phone apps for tracking all sorts of impending weather make every person their own weather station 24×7. News feeds can bring you the latest information concerning any matter of importance to you, right to your finger tips and when you need it the most.

What has this got to do with Internet Marketing? After all, I don’t write this blog to talk about the weather.

Simply put – if you need to reach an audience now, tomorrow, next week, yesterday, or any time to sell your products or services, why wouldn’t you want to be in the face of that audience all day long when they are thinking about something that is impending in their lives?

App development is just the latest field of marketing potential available to any business owner with an imagination and some marketing cash to invest. It’s not the cheapest solution to your marketing needs, but the potential is so far above and beyond anything else you might invest in that it often more than covers costs in a few months.

Do you sell something that is needed before, during, or after a major storm? Wouldn’t it make sense to have a few thousand people downloading your app that helps them through that storm? Maybe you can’t compete with the local stations and their hurricane applications, but what if you provided an application that provided local users with information about pet shelters, emergency care, local open gas stations, or other useful services? Perhaps a simple tools that connects the dots for home preparation before a storm, or that creates a contact lists for help after a storm?

It’s only one small pocket of opportunity. There are thousands of useful things that could be given to people with your brand and your marketing message. You just need to think a little outside the box, and give yourself over to the future.

Staying ahead in marketing is like the old adage about bears: you don’t need to be faster than the bear, you just need to be faster than the guy behind you.

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Very interesting article today in BizReport (http://www.bizreport.com/2011/05/mobile-marketing-too-cutting-edge-for-small-businesses.html) helping to explain the low usage of mobile marketing in small businesses. Apparently the majority of small businesses that do not use mobile marketing as part of their overall advertising mix do not do so because of fear or lack of understanding of the medium.

The science is in already, and mobile is a key element in any strategy for location-based marketing. Between precision targeting of your existing regular customers and the extensive tool set for attracting “instant” customers within your locational radar, as a small business owner it is hard to argue that mobile could not help your marketing efforts.

Mobile devices may be changing every day but they are here to stay in one form or another. Simply because a technology is overwhelming due to that fast pace of change is no reason not to embrace it, at least not from a business perspective. Face facts small business owner – the Internet has been around for only a few decades, and the format you know today is radically different than the format you knew even a year ago, but I doubt that this is a reason for you to fear Internet Marketing.

Mobile is merely a device by which the Internet is made available. When milk went from glass bottles dropped at your doorstep to cartons purchased on a shelf, it did not make milk any scarier. So what if the container changes every month – unless that change includes a death ray attachment, the methodology of web delivery should not be a reason to think that web marketing will not work for you.

The simple fact is that mobile can be one of the keys to small business success. Instant coupon delivery, locational pointers, fan club sign ups, repeat customer tracking; each mobile app that is created to make the mobile user’s life simpler can also be a tool for local businesses.

If someone wants to be mayor of your restaurant on Foursquare and you have no idea what that means, so what! A marketing consultant can explain what you need to know about how you can turn that information into business, just like your refrigeration technician can explain what you need to keep your food fresh. You don’t learn the technology to run your business, you simply need to know what you need for your business to run and then let the experts help guide you.

There might only be a few hundred people throughout the entire world who know and understands everything about all mobile devices and mobile marketing, just like there may be a similar number of those who fully understand quantum mechanics. The rest of the world operates at a different level than these people, but we all are affected by the principles of the underlying sciences. So suck it up small business owner and find someone to help guide you through the powerful solutions to your marketing needs that can be found in mobile. Don’t let fear or lack of understanding keep you away from one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to attract local and willing customers!

Want to find out more about Mobile Marketing?

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Mobile Marketing strategies are popping up all over the place for all types of industries, so trying to get a handle on what going Mobile actually means for your business can be confusing. Can your company work off a slow-day strategy like a restaurant? Do you have peak drive periods similar to sports clubs and golf courses? Are you socially engaged with your existing client base like an advocacy group or marketing towards daily specials like a retail chain? The truth of mobile marketing is that it is not for everyone all of the time, nor is it a primary marketing solution for many companies most of the time.

Use of mobile to push a marketing message is not a whole lot different from any marketing tools of the past 100 years. It’s new and flashy and cool, but so are some of the hot fashions coming for this Spring and we all know that those are sure not for all of us. Mobile marketing strategies are just that – strategies. A strategy is an elaborate and systematic plan of action (thank you wordnetweb!) and like all strategies, that plan of action needs to fit the environment of the action.

You can plan to have 10,000 people come into your store at 11 AM on Tuesday, but that is not a strategy; that is a wish. The strategy would involve the gathering of the list of 10,000 invitees, the creation and dissemination of the invitations, the follow-up on the responses, and the most practical element of all – making sure 10,000 people can fit!

There is very likely a place in a majority of businesses for a marketing effort directed around mobile devices, but mobile in and of itself is not the marketing; the care and feeding of the message and the message recipients is the real marketing. Like anything that you hope to succeed in with your business, the planning and preparation are key to that success. Execution of strategies means nothing of the strategy itself is not sound.

Mobile marketing is a tool for a well thought out strategy, and one of the most powerful tools at our disposal at this time. Getting a grip on what makes good sense for your business and your customers is how you form the strategy to use that tool.

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