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Can’t we all just get along? Hey, if Rodney King could get past what happened to him isn’t it time Apple got past isolationism?

With the current wave of tax news about how Apple is “protecting” taxable income through a variety of tax dodges, to the tune of $30 billion or more, you would think they could finally end the divisions of mobile devices.

There are a lot of talented programmers out there creating a ton of mobile apps at really need to be workable on my iPad, and even more iPhone apps being developed that should be compatible on Android devices. And wouldn’t it be great to actually see ALL YouTube videos active on all devices?

It might actually cost one of those billions to make it happen – I am not hardware oriented so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. Even so, I will bet that if Apple execs appeared before Congress and asked for extended tax relief if they solved this problem, they would get to hide another $20 billion or so in new dodges.

Just saying.


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